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My wife and I had always wanted to move to a private property but as regular people holding office jobs, we thought that we could never afford it. Until we met Jeremy through his Facebook ad. We sat through his 1-1 session and he gave an in-depth analysis of our current house situation. We realized that we were not making good use of our money that was sitting in our HDB. He gave us a different perspective and showed us that it was possible for us to own NOT ONLY ONE BUT TWO properties and with a healthy cash savings as well!

We felt very assured and executed his restructuring plan. Today we are proud owners of 2 private properties. I want to thank Jeremy for his professionalism & honesty throughout this journey of making our dreams into reality.

Wee family

Jeremy went through with us detailed financial calculations and proved to us that we could actually own two condos without even touching out savings! Our reserve CPF funds can withstand the installments for a good 9 years.

We never imagined that it was possible. His strategies of asset progression, predictable and systematic methods were indeed an eye opener for us.

Thanks to his sound plan, we have sold our 25 year old condo and now we are proud owners of a lovely new condo unit in an upcoming estate and a single bedder investment unit in the central region that is giving us passive rental income. We would definitely recommend Jeremy to our family & friends.

Mr & Mrs Suchayono

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